Simulated Golf
Virtual Golf:
Using state of the art technology golfers and non-golfers
alike can now enjoy playing one of the world’s 22 famous
courses regardless of weather……

Strike the ball as you would normally and as the ball hit’s
the screen technology takes over as your ball flies, bounces
and lands on the fairway or green or in a bunker, water
hazard, deep rough or trees !!!

Play 9 holes or a complete round.

Rates:  $
36.00 an hour                         
Club Rental $5.00
Golf Tournament:

Starting right after the snow flys !!!
9 Hole Quota Tournament.                                             
Play anytime Monday - Sunday.

Entry Fee: $2
includes $10.00 Prize Pool, (Prize $5.00 Skins $3.00 and
$2.00 plus points.)
Saco Valley Sports Center
95 Pine Street - Rt. 302
Fryeburg, ME. 04037