Saco Valley's 30th Anniversary Cake
Frank Layne
Scott Thomas
Scott & Angie Thomas
Jon Richardson
Dot Ela , Anita Buswell, Alice Hill
& Bernadine Dubois
Lena Butters, Dot Ela, Anita
Buswell, Alice Hill & Bernadine
Lena and Lawrence Butters Sr
Allan Richardson, Scott
Thomas & Jon Richardson
Alan and Jon Richardson
Dale Hamilton
Louise Head, Fran Henry, &
Wendy Heald
Fran Henry & Carolyn Potter
Wendy Heald, Louise Head,
Fran Henry & Donna Potwin
Jeff Knox, Wayne Rideout &
Frank Layne
Tom Golden, Lawrence
Butters Sr, Dale Hamilton &
Jim Layne
Jim Layne & Jon Richardson
Lena Butters, Dot Ela, Alan
Richardson, Lawrence
Butters Sr, Dale Hamilton,
Anita Buswell, Jim Layne,
Fran Henry, Scott Thomas,
Wayne Rideout, Donna
Potwin & Louise Head

All faithful customers and/or
league bowlers for 30 years!!
Ron Pelkie & Carolyn Potter
Eric Durgin and family
George & Andrea Oliver,
Sarah and Caleb OBrien
Matty Aalto & Arnie Stevens
Jennifer Layne Eastman,
Jonas and Eben Eastman
Sandra Layne Greenleaf and
Jim Layne
James Layne Jr, Sandra
Layne Greenleaf, Jim Layne,
Suzanne Layne, Andrea
Layne Oliver, Jennifer Layne
Eastman & Frank Layne
Jim & Frank Layne
Frank Layne & Carolyn
Frank Layne & Carolyn Potter
Sandra Layne Greenleaf
and Bowen Greenleaf
Donna & Shawn Potwin
Fran Henry & Jim
Layne with the old cash
David, Michelle,Andrea
& George Oliver of
Oliver Vending